Where to Find the Best Mexican Food in Hanford
July 05, 2018

Where to Find the Best Mexican Food in Hanford

Crunchy tacos, spicy enchiladas, or cheesy burritos? Whatever your favorite dish, you'll find it at one of these restaurants near our apartments in Hanford, CA. A lively atmosphere paired with respectable service only add to each establishment's appeal, encouraging you to return night after night for a drink, a laugh, and maybe some chips and dip. Okay, definitely some chips and dip.

1. Figaro's Mexican Grill

Owner Rafael Figueroa originally opened Figaro's Mexican Grill in 2004 and it became so successful, he eventually opened up 4 more locations across the states. However, just because Hanford is its second location doesn't mean its food is second best. On their menu, freshly prepared burritos dominate, with charbroiled fish and roasted sirloin pork among the tempting options. The restaurant's open kitchen design allows customers to view the magic of the food-making process right from their seat.

2. La Fiesta Restaurant Bar

The older we get, the wiser we become which should make La Fiesta very wise indeed. With over 30 years in business, they've been serving Hanford's residents inventive dishes inspired by the Mexican states of Colima and Michoacán. Just looking at the menu will get your mouth watering. Add a strawberry-daiquiri to the mix for a "fiesta" you won't soon forget!

3. El Tarasco Restaurant

Located not far from Hanford's iconic Allan Herschell Company Carousel, El Tarasco Restaurant's large menu encompasses everything you could want at a Mexican restaurant and more. Whether chipotle chicken breasts strike your fancy or you'd prefer a rib-eye steak, El Tarasco strays from the pack for their unique selections, especially when it comes to their fish. They don't just stop at crispy fish tacos. Perch, catfish, and even stuffed bass are available to entice your tastebuds. You'll be in a frenzy over what to eat first!

A relaxing Mexican dinner sounds like a great night out, but you need a place to come home to after the drinks are gone. Join us at Edgewater Isle. We offer modern, comfortable living at a modest price. Contact us today.